For my entire life, I’ve always had one goal: to entertain.

Many use the word entertain for its first definition, “to provide amusement or enjoyment,” but I also strive to entertain for its second definition, “to give attention or consideration to an idea.” By creating advertisements, documentaries, short films, music videos, visual effects, motion graphics, and animations, I hope I have and always will achieve this goal. 


Living on a three-acre ranch in the California Bay Area, I was too busy making films to play with all the chickens. This ranch would be my film lot; it’s three acres keeping me away from distraction and continuously immersed in my own created worlds. Therefore, it gave me plenty of time to practice my skills and edit a whole lot of footage.

Before I was in high school, I made video content for and attained a viewership of 200-500 thousand. Soon after, I worked for SKATELINE NBD, a weekly skateboarding news show that was attained by Tony Hawk for his video production company, 900 Films. It' s now made under Thrasher Magazine, number one skateboarding magazine in the world. SKATELINE has 100,000 views weekly.

Also in High School, I was bestowed the Service Award, an award given to one student of the graduating class who proved to be a significant help to the school in the minds of the teachers and students. Whether it was filming school performances, editing testimonials for the school district, or writing school PSAs and advertisements, I always helped with what I did best: video. I also designed posters for events and clubs, one being for my own, "Film Club." This and more earned myself multiple awards, including Outstanding Accomplishments in Technical Theater, Outstanding Dramatic Performer, and the Michelangelo D'Onofrio Arts Foundation Award of Excellence.

I’ve gratefully been accepted twice into NFFTY (National Film Festival for Talented Youth), one of the biggest youth film festivals in the world. It was for two different works; an animated short entitled “Anything In The World" (2014) and my live-action comedy “Goofinger” (2016). My short “Disappearance" (2015) was accepted into ABQ Film Festival, Santa Fe Independent Film Festival, and won a College Student Production Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for Best Editing, the only film to win in New Mexico.

Speaking of which, I’m now living in Santa Fe, NM and attaining my Film Production BFA at Santa Fe University of Art and Design. This was thanks to earning the Film Chair Scholarship Award, an award given to students with 4.0+ GPAs and excellent portfolios in the eyes of the Film School Chair. It rewards me with a 100% tuition free education that I couldn’t be more grateful to be rewarded. 

Since May 2014, I've worked with CrushPix and GreenLit Productions, two video production companies based in Emeryville, California and New York City. Through them, I've created video content for Clorox, Puma Shoes, Gummy Vites and more. I was commended for my great collaborative skills, reliance, and speed. As a freelancer, I've created documentaries and advertisements for non-profits like Food Shift and the Christian Science Reading Room at SFO Airport. 

Software Skills

Editing: AVID, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Plural Eyes 3
VFX: After Effects
Audio Design: Pro Tools 12, Logic X, Audition
Imagery: Photoshop, Illustrator
Color Grading: Davinci Resolve
3D Modeling: Cinema 4D, 3Ds Max